The miracle of being a Mom

I think that I’m too young to create my own family; the career is number one for me now. But I see more and more people of my age that marry and have children. But there are couples that have problems with conceiving or childbearing. Once Jack, a friend of mine, told me that they can’t have kids in usual way, and their only option is surrogate birth mother, if they want their own child. He complained that this is a very expensive procedure and not everyone can afford it. He also mentioned that there are women from poor countries that can help with their problem for a fair price. And then I thought what make these women sell their bodies? Every case is special, but the common thing is that they need money that can’t be earned on their motherland. A few days after our conversation I came across this article: The Indian government believes that foreigners exploit Indian women, and that surrogacy can be available only to native citizens. They think that the image of India is suffering because of foreign couples that are abusing and underpaying surrogate mothers. I have never thought about it, but what is the price of a new life that was born with the help of this method? And what prices are paying surrogate birth mothers? And I keep asking myself, could I sacrifice my womb (if I could, of course) for any sake?

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