Let’s go to the park!

The best pastime

What do you like to do in your free time? I can do many things, but most of all I like to go outdoors. The best activity for me is a picnic with my friends. New York is a big city that is why it is hard to find a unity wit nature. I like to go to numerous parks, where I can dream about something pleasant. When I’m too busy to go out, I look at different pictures of parks on my computer and walls. You may argue that paintings and photos can’t transmit the atmosphere of wild nature, its fresh air and the moment of unexpectedness. Of course, it is true, but I need those sceneries for my inspiration. If a creative person does his or job in depressed mood, how the result can be good? I try to find something new every day that is why I surf the Internet and visit different galleries. While trying to buy canvas art online cheap, I mean, not a picture that would cost thousands of dollars, I traced a nice canvas artwork that belonged to Leonid Afremov. He is a real master of painting parks! I looked through a pretty big number of his canvases, and I found them very inspiring, and I will tell you why.

A painting of my dreams!

After visiting Mr. Afremov’s web gallery I found an ideal canvas artwork online. It is called Rain’s Rustle and it shows a couple that is strolling under the rain. The road looks like a luminous river that gladly reflects all street lamps that are standing on the both sides. The sky is so enigmatic and bright that you can’t believe that it is covered by clouds. The atmosphere is so quiet that you hear these falling drops that whisper something romantic to the ground while hitting it. You may think that I am a real romantic, but I will assure you that all of us are romantics when we are in love. I hope that I found my beloved one, because she shares my aspirations to beauty, parks and paintings by Leonid Afremov. If you want to please a dear person, choose canvas art, buy online the things you like and don’t regret about it – the web gallery of Mr. Afremov offers a really great choice!

image (3)

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